The Good Plumbing team possess extensive experience relating to all aspects of under floor heating installation.

Under floor heating systems offer the ideal space saving way to heat your property in an affordable way and offer a variety of benefits.

  • Saving Space: The installation of under floor heating removes the need for radiators creating space for other items in your rooms.

  • Improved Hygienics: Cleaning around radiators can be particularly tricky and therefore removing these from a room can make cleaning all areas much easier.

  • Even Warmth: Unlike other forms of central heating, the installation of under floor heating creates comfortable, even levels of warmth throughout your home.

  • Noise Reduction: Even the most up to date central heating systems rely on pipes which can creak and bang when expanding. This will not be the case with under floor heating.

  • Money Saving: Under floor heating is proven to reduce energy consumption by using low water temperatures and this can be reflected in reduced energy bills

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